Abstracts Received

Oral Presentations

🎓: student presentation

Adeniyi, Amos; Mbaya, Richard; Onyango, Maurice Stephen; Popoola, Patricia
🎓 Performance Evaluation of Membrane Technology for Removal of Micropollutants in Hartbeespoort Dam South Africa

Åhlgren, Kristina Maria; Sartz, Lotta; Bäckström, Mattias
Understanding Groundwater Composition at Kvarntorp, Sweden, from Leaching Tests and Multivariate Statistics

Amponsah-Dacosta, Francis; Mathada, Humphrey
Study of Sand Mining and Related Environmental Problems along the Nzhelele River in Limpopo Province of South Africa

Anderson, Malcolm
Appropriate Catchment Management can Improve the Profitability of a Mine – A Case Study from Dallol, Ethiopia

Annandale, John George; Tanner, Phillip D; Burgess, Jo
Where there’s muck there’s brass: Irrigated agriculture with mine impacted waters

António, Fiúza; Albuquerque, Teresa; Antunes, Margarida; Dinis, Maria de Lurdes; Futuro, Aurora; Góis, Joaquim; Leite, Alexandre; Vila, Cristina
Improving Resource Efficiency and Minimize Environmental Footprint – a case study preliminary results

Arcos, David
Geochemical Criteria for Waste Rock Dump Design and Construction

Aubel, Tim; Janneck, Eberhard; Kalanchey, Robin
Process Development For Complex Mine Water Treatment

Aunola, Karri; Aho, Anni; Vidqvist, Maija; Pieskä, Vesa
Reverse Osmosis Technology to Reduce Fresh Water Consumption – Case Study, AEF Kittilä Mine, Finland

Ayora, Carlos; Macias, Francisco; Torres, Ester; Lozano, Alba; Nieto, José Miguel
Acid Mine Drainage, a possible source of Rare Earth Elements

Bäckström, Mattias; Sartz, Lotta; Sädbom, Stefan
Mining Waste as an Exploration Tool and Secondary Resource

Barfoud, Laila; Pabst, Thomas
🎓 Effect Of Dissolved Oxygen And Hydrogeological Fluxes On The Geochemical Stability Of Acid Generating Mine Wastes Disposed Of In Pits

Barnes, Samantha; Munoz, Victor; Rykaart, Maritz
Inflow Design Flood Including Spring Probable Maximum Flood: Two Practical Mining Applications

Basallote, M Dolores; Olías, Manuel; Pérez-López, Rafael; Macías, Francisco; Carrero, Sergio; Nieto, José Miguel
Behavior of trace elements during evaporatic salt precipitation from acid mine drainage (Agrio River, SW Spain)

Bessho, Masahiko; Markovic, Radmila; Apostolovski-Trujic, Tatjana; Bozic, Dragana; Masuda, Nobuyuki; Stevanovic, Zoran
Removal of Dissolved Metals from Acid Wastewater Using Organic Polymer hydrogels

Black, Alastair
Case Study: Development of an underground depressurisation scheme in an operational mine with reduced pumping capacity.

Black, Alastair
The Need for Improved Representation of Groundwater-surface Water Interaction and Recharge in Cold Temperate – Subarctic regions

Blanchette, Melanie Lise; Lund, Mark Andrew
Biophysical Closure Criteria Without Reference Sites: Evaluating River Diversions Around Mines

Bockgård, Niclas; Höglund, Charlotte; Garrick, Hollie; Digges La Touche, Gareth; Fahlgren, Staffan; Girard, Romain
Implementation of the HVB Model for Simulating Snowmelt and Runoff at Mine Sites in Northern Nordic Areas

Bowie, Andrea Josephine; Laudrum, Arlene; Tom, Sharp
Under Ice Treatment and Discharge Of A Tailings Impoundment – A Case Study From The Lupin Mine Nunavut, Canada

Bräutigam, Bernd; Molitor, Norbert; Harpke, Birgit; Heise, Klaus
Mass Flow Reduction in Mining Water: Valuation of Measures with due regard to the Requirements of the Water Framework Directive

Bredenkamp, Brendon John; Levay, Eric; Marais, Alkie
Finely Discretized Numerical Flow Model Of Complex Multiple Open Pit Mine For Reliable Inflow And Pore Pressure Simulations – An African Perspective

Breedveld, Gijsbert D.; Klempel, Franziska; Kvennås, Marianne; Okkenhaug, Gudny
Stimulation of Natural Attenuation of Metals in Acid Mine Drainage through Water and Sediment Management at Abandoned Copper Mines

Carlier, Jorge; Costa, Maria Clara; Ferreira, Helena
Biologic pilot plant for the treatment of acid mine drainage at São Domingos mine: An overview of its development, scale-up and installation

Carvalho, Edgar; Diamantino, Catarina; Carvalho, Pedro; Martins, José
Environmental Remediation of the Old São Domingos Mining Area in the Iberian Pyrite Belt: Potential of valorisation of mining wastes and acidic mine water

Cepriá, Juan; Martinez, Antonio; Guedella, Edith
Transformation of Reactive Spoil into Reusable Borrow Materials through Alkaline Waste Valorisation

Charles, Jessica Claire; Declercq, Julien; Bowell, Rob; Warrender, Ruth; Barnes, Andrew
Comparison of thermodynamic equilibrium and kinetic approach in the predictive evaluation of waste rock seepage quality in Northern Finland.

Chen, Qian; Cohen, David R; Andersen, Martin; Robertson, Alan G; Jones, David R; Kelly, Ben
🎓 Application of Alkaline Coal Seam Gas Waters to Remediate AMD from Historical Sulfide Ore Mining Operations

Christensen, Dave
Forecasting long term water quality after closure: Boliden Aitik Cu mine, Sweden

Christenson, Hana Kirsten; Weber, Paul; Pope, James; Trumm, Dave; Olds, William
Enhancing Mine Drainage Treatment by Sulphate Reducing Bacteria Using Nutrient Additives

Cidu, Rosa; Frau, Franco; Petrini, Riccardo
Contamination Trend at Flooded Mines: 20 y Time-series at Casargiu, Sardinia

Coetzee, Henk; Cole, Patrick; Dudumashe, Noluvuyo
Using Long-Term Map And Image Time Series To Reconstruct Mine Water Histories In Abandoned Mining Areas

Coldewey, Wilhelm Georg; Melchers, Christian; Wesche, D.
Emscher-Marl – The protective shield against the inflow of water to the Ruhr hard coal mining

Collan, Mikael; Savolainen, Jyrki; Luukka, Pasi
Integrating the Effect of Water Balance on the Economic Feasibility Analysis of Metal Mining Ivestments

Corbel, Soazig; Kaiser, Joël; Vicentin, Serge
Coal Mine Flooding in the Lorraine-Saar Basin: Experience from the French Mines

Cornaton, Fabien; Gabora, Michael Moore
Simulating Coupled Hydromechanical Processes in FEFLOW – Applications for Mining Hydrogeology

Craw, David; Kerr, Gemma; Malloch, Kirstine; McLachlan, Christine
Storage Of Arsenic-rich Gold Mine Tailings As Future Resources: New Zealand Experience

Croall, Jacob Grant
Novel Approach to Acid Pit Lake Treatment and Management

Cukrowska, Ewa Maria; Tutu, Hlanganani; Chimuka, Luke; Mbanga, Odwa
Mercury Accumulation and Bio-transportation in Wetlands Biota Affected by Gold Mining -Modelling and Remediation

Czop, Mariusz; Worsa-Kozak, Magdalena; Lipień, Grzegorz; Kret, Ewa
Verification of the hydrogelogical conceptual model of Grodziec basin copper ore district (Lower Silesian, South-West Poland)

Dennis, Ingrid; Dennis, Rainier
Financial Modelling For Mine Discharge Treatment Options

Dennis, Rainier; Dennis, Ingrid
Spring Flow Estimation After Mine Flooding In A Dolomitic Compartment

Diamantino, Catarina; Rodrigues, Sónia; Alvarenga, Paula; Cruz, Nuno; Carvalho, Edgar
Pilot project for recovery of degraded soils in mining areas with biomass ash and organic waste in the framework of LIFE NoWaste Project: preliminary results of soil plots implementation and construction

Diamantino, Catarina; Carvalho, Edgar; Pinto, Rui
Water Resources Changes after the Environmental Remediation of an Old Uranium Mining Area

Diedrich, Tamara; Fix, Paul; Foster, Andrea
Mineralogical Characterization of Weathered Outcrops as a Tool for Constraining Water Chemistry Predictions during Project Planning

Digges La Touche, Gareth; Cottrell, Mark
The Application of Discrete Fracture Network Models to Mine Groundwater Studies

Donohue, David; Council, Greg; Totenhagen, Cabin; Williamson, Anne; Donohue, Stephen
Early Groundwater Model Development As Tool To Guide Environmental Investigations And Mine Planning

Duthe, Diana Mary; Chimhanda, Wadzanai; Kawali, Liisa
Triple Bottom Line Assessment In Development Of Sustainable Dewatering Strategy For Namibian Mine

Eary, L.E.; Gluski, Heather; Mueller, Seth; Duke, Kate; Wickham, Matt; Castendyk, Devin
Sulfide Oxidation Kinetics in Low-Sulfur Tailings

Edward, Catherine Joanna; Harrison, Susan Therese Largier
Recycling Bioremediated Cyanidation Tailings Wastewater Within The Biooxidation Circuit For Gold Recovery: Impact On Process Performance And Water Management

Ekblom, Sanna; Sartz, Lotta; Bäckström, Mattias
Treatment of Historical Mining Waste using different Incineration Ashes

El idrysy, Houcyne
Similarities in Mine Water Management Challenges in Permafrost and Desert Climates: Two Case Studies

Eriksson, Nils; Mueller, Seth; Forsgren, Anders; Sjöblom, Åsa; Martin, Alan; O´Kane, Mike; Eary, L.E.; Aronsson, Andreas
Developing Closure Plans Using Performance Based Closure Objectives: Aitik Mine (Northern Sweden)

Eulenberger, Sven; Jenk, Ulf; Paul, Michael
Flooding of the Uranium Mine at Königstein/Saxony – Current Status and Monitoring Conducted

Felipe, Elaine Cristina Batista; Ladeira, Ana Claudia Queiroz
🎓 Recovery of Rare Earth Elemts From Acid Mine Drainage By Ion Exchange.

Feng, Feisheng; Du, Wenfeng; Peng, Suping; Xing, Zhen-guo
Study on Evolution of Mining-induced Crack of Rock Mass Considering Hydromechanical Coupling Effects Based on Stabilized Nano CT Scan

Fernández-Rubio, Rafael; Lorca Fernández, David
Mine Drainage Waters: an Environmental Asset

França, Silvia Cristina Alves; Trampus, Bruna Camara; Carvalho, Gabriel Arca; Gonçalves, Afrânio Augusto Gomes
Water In Mining – Challenges For Reuse

Fraser, Colin; Martin, Alan; Mueller, Seth; Scott, James
Incorporating Climate Change Scenarios into Mine Design and Permitting Studies

Frau, Franco; Atzori, Roberta; Ardau, Carla; Agrosì, Giovanna; Podda, Francesca
Removal of Metals by Al-induced Precipitation of Layered Double Hydroxides from Metallurgical-waste Drainages (Iglesias, Italy)

Ghanem, Marwan
Artificial Aquifer Recharge Potentiality in Arid Climate Conditions in the Jordan Rift Valley

Gitari, Wilson Mugera; Nemudzivhadi, Zwavhavhili Farelela; Rirhandzu, Novela; Ayinde, Wasiu Babatunde; Akinyemi, Segun Ajayi
Sonochemical Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage Using Magnesite: Reusability of the Treatment Sludge and Product Water Quality

Gogoi, Harshita; Leiviskä, Tiina; Heiderscheidt, Elisangela; Postila, Heini; Tanskanen, Juha
Removal of Metals from Mining Wastewaters by Utilization of Natural and Modified Peat as Sorbent Materials

Gonzalez-Merchan, Carolina; Tanabene, Rayen; Genty, Thomas; Bussière, Bruno; Potvin, Robin; Allaire, Mathieu; Neculita, Carmen Mihaela
Simultaneous Treatment of Thiocyanates and Ammonia Nitrogen in Gold Mine Effluents Using Advanced Oxidation and Nitrification-Denitrification Processes

Günther, Juliane; Ussath, Maria; Hoth, Nils; Drebenstedt, Carsten
Ion Exchange by Zeolites and Peat-Based Sorption Media of Chilean Mine Water and their Potential for Secondary Mining

Hagedorn, David; Hoth, Nils
Tracing Mine Water Inflows To Derive Dewatering Measures – Recent Results and a Trial to Adapt the Approach for Underground Mines

Hamai, Takaya; Sato, Yuki; Kojima, Kazuhiro; Miura, Takao; Hayashi, Kentaro; Sakakibara, Taisuke; Hatsuya, Kazunori; Kobayashi, Mikio; Masuda, Nobuyuki; Takamoto, Kousuke; Sowanaka, Masahiro; Sakata, Takeshi; Hori, Tomoyuki; Ogata, Atsushi; Aoyagi, Tomo; Habe, Hiroshi
Compact Passive Treatment Process for Acid Mine Drainage, Utilizing Rice Husks and Rice Bran – Process Optimization

Hamberg, Roger; Alakangas, Lena; Maurice, Christian
🎓 Curing Cemented Paste Backfill Mixtures In unsaturated Conditions – Effect On The Mobility Of Trace Metals

Henkel, Laura; Melchers, Christian
Hydrochemical and isotopegeochemical evaluation of density stratification in mine water bodies of the Ruhr coalfield

Herbert, Roger B.; Nordström, Albin
Leachate generation and nitrogen release from small-scale rock dumps at the Kiruna iron ore mine

Hwang, Chiachi; Kirk, Lisa Bithell; Peyton, Brent
Changes In Microbial Community Structure In Response To Changing Oxygen Stress In Column Tests of Denitrification And Selenium Reduction

Iakovleva, Evgenia; Sillanpää, Mika; Khan, Shoaib; Kamwilaisak, Khanita; Wang, Shaobin; Tang, Walter Z.
Synthesis of Sorbents from Industrial Solid Wastes with Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) for Mine Waters Treatment

Ivanets, Andrei; Kitikova, Natalia; Shashkova, Irina; Sillanpää, Mika
A Novel Sorbents of Metal Ions Based on Thermally Activated, Acidic and Non-acidic Treated Dolomite

Janson, Ewa; Gzyl, Grzegorz; Głodniok, Marcin; Markowska, Małgorzata
Use of Geothermal Heat of Mine Waters in Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Southern Poland – Possibilities and Impediments

Jansson, Kaj; Kauppi, Janne; Huhtanen, Mikko; Häkkinen, Antti
Novel Mine Water Treatment for Sulphate Reduction and Metal Removal with Stable Residue

John, Melanie; Heuss-Aßbichler, Soraya
“Spop” (Specific Product Oriented Precipitation): a New Concept To Recover Metals from Mining Wastewater Avoiding Hydroxide Sludge

Johnstone, Andrew Clifford; Kennedy, Lizel
Coal Mine Pit Lakes in South Africa

Kaartinen, Tommi; Arnold, Mona; Kangas, Petteri
Valorisation of Separated Solids from Mine Water Treatment

Karlsson, Teemu; Kauppila, Päivi
Assessment of the Effects of Mine Closure Activities to Waste Rock Drainage Quality at the Hitura Ni-Cu mine, Finland

Kassahun, Andrea; Hoth, Nils; Paul, Michael
Mine Water Tracer Substances For Biogeochemical Processes In Flooded Mines

Kauppi, Janne Olavi; Suvio, Piia; Jansson, Kaj; Kotiranta, Tuukka
Towards Minimum Impact Copper Concentrator – Simulated Operational Costs

Kauppila, Päivi M.; Karlsson, Teemu; Taskinen, Antti; Lehtonen, Marja; Tornivaara, Anna; Heino, Neea; Korhonen, Tero
The KaiHaMe Project – Increasing Raw Material Value of Exploited Ores

Kauppila, Tommi; Mäkinen, Jari; Solismaa, Lauri
Sediment And Pore Water Properties Across The Chemocline Of A Mine Water-Impacted Boreal Lake During Winter Stagnation And Autumn Overturn

Kettunen, Anu; Vidqvist, Maija
Chemolithotrophic Microbes in Transition of Neutral Rock Drainage to Acid Rock Drainage

Kim, Dongkwan; Kim, Dukmin
Assessment of Dewatering Process Using Flocculation and Self-filtration According to Characteristics of Mine Drainage Sludge

Kim, Duk-Min; Park, Hyun-Sung; Kim, Dong-Kwan; Lee, Sang-Hwan
Assessing Autocatalysis of Steel Slag Mixed with Limestone and Manganese Gravel to Remove Manganese in Mine Drainage

Kinčl, Jan; Jiříček, Tomáš; Fehér, Jakub; Amrich, Michal; Neděla, David; Toman, František; Velen, Bohumil; Cakl, Jiří; Kroupa, Jan
Electromembrane Processes in Mine Water Treatment

Kirk, Lisa Bithell; Hwang, Chiachi; Ertuna, Cagan; Kennedy, Chris; Peyton, Brent
Column Test Of Selenium Biomineralization In Support Of Mine Facility Design

Klinger, Christoph; Eckart, Michael; Löchte, Joachim
Integration Of Solid Matter Coupled Contaminant Transport Into The 3D Reactive Transport Boxmodel By The Example of PCB In German Hard Coal Mining

Kolhinen, Vesa; Vento, Tiia; Jakkila, Juho; Huttunen, Markus; Korppoo, Marie; Vehviläinen, Bertel
Operational Water Balance Model for Siilinjärvi Mine Site

Komulainen, Jere Johannes
Posiva Flow Log (PFL), Tool For Detection Of Groundwater Flows In Bedrock

Korkka-Niemi, Kirsti Inkeri; Rautio, Anne; Bigler, Paula
Characterization of Geo-Hydro-Ecological Factors Affecting the Distribution of Endangered Species of Viiankiaapa Mire, in Ore Prospecting Site

Krishnapillai, Shadananan Nair
Mine Water Storage – An Option to Overcome the Increasing Shortage of Reliable Water in a Tropical Coastal State of India

Kruse, Steffen; Bendrat, Michael; Melchers, Christian; vom Berg, Bernd; Witthaus, Holger
Development and installation of a underground measurement technique at the pilot mine “Auguste Victoria” for a mid to long term monitoring of the mine water level rise

Kyllönen, Hanna; Heikkinen, Juha; Järvelä, Eliisa; Grönroos, Antti
Emergent Membrane Technologies for Mine Water Purification

Lapakko, Kim Alan
ASTM D5744-13e1 Humidity Cell Test Objectives, Methods, Application, and Misconceptions

Lilley, Tim
Important Characteristics of Membranes for Reliable Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes for Discharge and Reuse

Liu, Zaibin; Dong, Shuning; Wang, Wenke; Nan, Shenghui; Liu, Qisheng
Deep mining water control cooperative system based on 3-D directional drilling and controllable grouting techniques

Lorentz, Simon Antony
Tailings Water Hydraulics Analyses for Risk Based Design

Lourens, Paul Joel; Vermeulen, Petrus Daniel
Dewatering Impacts of a South African Underground Coal Mine

Lund, Mark; Blanchette, Melanie; Gonzalez Pinto, Jahir
Are Microcosms Tiny Pit Lakes?

Ma, Dan; Bai, Haibo
Mining-Induced Water Inrush Hazard of Karst Collapse Pillar: A Numerical Simulation

Mabape, Kgaugelo; Mabilane, Tshegofatso; Kotze, Izak; Cukrowska, Ewa; Chimuka, Luke; Tutu, Hlanganani
Recovery Of Gold From Mine Leachates Using Sulphur-modified Zeolite

Maest, Ann; Nordstrom, D. Kirk
Geochemical Processes in a Column: Modeling Humidity Cell Test Results

Makonto, Olma Tsakani; Marubini, Selaelo Jacquelene; Tegegn, Kefyalew; Coetzee, Henk
Water Balance Studies in Cowles Dam of East Rand of the Wits Basin, Gauteng Province, South Africa

Mamelkina, Maria; Vainio, Henri; Tuunila, Ritva; Häkkinen, Antti; Silänpää, Mika
🎓 Electrocoagulation Treatment of Real Mining Waters and Solid-liquid Separation of Solid Formed

Manono, Malibongwe Shadrach; Matibidi, K.; Thubakgale, C.K.; Corin, K.C.; Wiese, J.G.
🎓 Water Quality in PGM Ore Flotation: Depressing and Frothing Effects Of The Ionic Strength Of Plant Water And pH

Mansel, Holger; Philipp, Wieland; Brückner, Friedemann; Rüger, Michael
3-dimensional Geologic and Groundwater Flow Modeling for Coal Mining Areas as Decision Support Tool

Marais, Tynan Steven; Harrison, Susan Therese Largier; Huddy, Robert John; van Hille, Robert Paul
Effect of Hydraulic Residence Time and Temperature on the Performance of the Integrated Semi-Passive Bioprocess

Märten, Horst Gottfried; Kalka, Harald; Krause, Julia; Nicolai, Jana; Richter, Constanze; Sommer, Klaus; Zauner, Micha
Environmentally Responsible And Economic In-situ Recovery Of Technology Metals

Martin, Alan James; Fraser, Colin; Dunbar, Donald; Mueller, Seth; Eriksson, Nils
Pit Lake Modelling at the Aitik Mine (Northern Sweden): Importance of Site-Specific Model Inputs and Implications for Closure Planning

Mashishi, Dikeledi Tryphina; Wolkersdorfer, Christian
🎓 The Whitehill Formation As A Potential Analogue To The Acid Mine Drainage Issues In The Witwatersrand, South Africa

Mayer, John Markus; Yost, Ray; Munoz, Victor
Reproduction of Complex Tracer Test through Explicit Simulation of a Heterogeneous Aquifer using Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Menendez, Javier; Loredo, Jorge; Fernandez, Jesus Manuel; Galdo, Monica
Underground pumped-storage hydro power plants with mine water in abandoned coal mines in northern Spain

Mokone, Mpho Penelope; Wolkersdorfer, Christian
🎓 Tracer Test in Mine Water of the Abandoned Edendale Lead Mine, South Africa

Mollehuara Canales, Raul; Sinche-Gonzalez, Maria
Water Management in Mining: A Tool for Measuring and Demonstrating Value-impact of Management Strategies

Monninkhoff, Bertram Lambertus; Greaves, Kevin; Eady, Bruce Robert; Vivier, Koos; van Dyk, George
A Coupled Groundwater – Surface Water Model To Simulate The Interaction Between A River And A Dewatered Open Pit In South Africa

Munoz Saavedra, Victor A.
Hydrologist: Break Free from Your Tool Inertia

Munoz Saavedra, Victor A.; Shapka-Fels, Tia; Rykaart, Maritz
Integrating Climate Change into Engineering Design

Neale, John William; Muller, Heinrich Hagspihl; Gericke, Mariekie; Mühlbauer, Ritva
Low-Cost Biological Treatment of Metal- and Sulphate-Contaminated Mine Waters

Nel, Jaco; Louw, Willem; le Roux, Philip
Independent Review Process To Reduce Environmental Risk And Improve Interaction Between Mine, Conservation Agency And Government.

Nickolay, Maksimovich; Sergey, Pyankov; Khayrulina, Elena
Environmental Assessment of Closed Coal Mine Territory Using GIS Analysis

Ning, Jianguo; Gu, Qingheng; Wang, Jun; Hu, Shanchao
Overlying Aquifer Detection and Aquifer Protection during Longwall Mining of Shallow Coal Seams: A Case Study in Lu Xin Coal Mine

Nordström, Albin; Herbert, Roger
Field-scale Denitrifying Woodchip Bioreactor Treating High Nitrate Mine Water At Low Temperatures

Nordström, D. Kirk; Bowell, Robert J.; Campbell, Kate M.; Alpers, Charles N.
Challenges In Recovering Resources From Acid Mine Drainage

Novhe, Ntshengedzeni Obed; Yibas, Bisrat; Coetzee, Henk; Atanasova, Maria; Netshitungulwana, Robert
Geochemical Characterisation of Precipitates Formed during Passive Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage in Carolina, Mpumalanga (South Africa)

Novotny, Milos Michael
The Influence of Saprolite on Groundwater Flow at Mines in Glaciated Regions

Nyström, Elsa; Alakangas, Lena
Prevention Of Sulfide Oxidation In Waste Rock Using Industrial Residues, A Suitability Study

Opitz, Joscha; Alte, Matthias; Bauer, Martin; Schäfer, Wolfgang; Söll, Thomas
Investigation of a Pit Lake Acting as a Large-scale Natural Treatment System for Diffuse Acid Mine Drainage

Osman, Muhammad Suhail; Masindi, Vhahangwele
Integrated Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage using BOF Slag, Lime/Soda ash and Reverse Osmosis (RO): Implication for the Production of Drinking Water

Pearce, Steven Richard; Barteaux, Mitchell
Gas Flux Rates and the Linkage with Predicting AMD Loads in Waste Rock Dumps, and Designing Practical Engineered Solutions – Field Based Case Studies in Three Distinct Climates

Pearce, Steven Richard; Barteaux, Mitchell; Orr, Matthew; Nugraha, Candra; Purnamasari, Henny; Grohs, Ken; Hertrijana, Janjan
Progressive Management of AMD Risk During Construction of an Integrated Waste Storage Landform – A Case Study of Managing Gas Flux Through Optimised Waste Placement Strategies at Martabe Gold Mine, Indonesia

Pechenjuk, Oleg
Heritage of Mining after the Soviet Union in Kyrgyzstan

Pedretti, Daniele; Beckie, Roger; Mayer, K.Ulrich
Risk Assessment Of Acidic Drainage From Waste Rock Piles Using Stochastic Muticomponent Reactive Transport Modeling.

Perotti, Martina; Ghezzi, Lisa; Giannecchini, Roberto; D’Orazio, Massimo; Vezzoni, Simone; Cidu, Rosa; Petrini, Riccardo
🎓 Thallium and Other Potentially Toxic Elements in Surface Waters Contaminated by Acid Mine Drainages in Southern Apuan Alps (Tuscany)

Piatak, Nadine M.; Seal, Robert R.; Hoppe, Darryl A.; Green, Carlin J.; Buszka, Paul M.
Slag: What is it good for? Utilization of steelmaking slag to remove phosphate and neutralize acid.

Picken, Päivi; Karvonen, Tuomo; Heikkinen, Eero; Saukkoriipi, Jaakko; Vaittinen, Tiina
Kittilä Gold Mine dewatering assessment: benefits of a new approach

Pietrucin, Dorota; Czop, Mariusz; Kret, Ewa
The influence of liquidated borehole salt mine “Łężkowice” in southern Poland on soil and water environment and shallow circulation of groundwater

Rakotonimaro, Tsiverihasina Vavaka; Neculita, Carmen Mihaela; Bussière, Bruno; Genty, Thomas; Zagury, Gérald J.
🎓 Iron and Sulfate Removal in Highly Contaminated Acid Mine Drainage Using Passive Multi-Step Systems

Rapantova, Nada; Grycz, David; Malucha, Pavel; Mandrla, Vladimir
Simulation of Mine Water Rebound in the Ostrava Basin – Part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin

Rautio, Anne Brita; Korkka-Niemi, Kirsti; Salonen, Veli-Pekka
Thermal infrared remote sensing in assessing ground/surface water resources related to Hannukainen mining development site, Northern Finland

Reisinger, Timm; Rüde, Thomas R.
Mass transport from hydraulically stowed waste materials in adjacent aquifers in the Ruhr Area, Germany

Ruiz Cánovas, Carlos; Macias, Francisco; Olías, Manuel; Pérez López, Rafael
Restoration measures of an AMD polluted watershed based on mixing and geochemical models

Rybnikova, Liudmila; Rybnikov, Petr
Water Quality Of The Abandoned Sulfide Mines Of The Middle Urals (Russia)

Sakala, Emmanuel; Fourie, Francois; Gomo, Modreck; Coetzee, Henk
🎓 Hydrogeological investigation of Witbank, Ermelo and Highveld Coalfields: Implications for acid mine drainage subsurface transport and attenuation

Salo, Marja; Bomberg, Malin; Grewar, Tamsyn; Seepei, Lerato; Gericke, Mariekie; Arnold, Mona
Compositions of the Microbial Consortia Present in Biological Sulphate Reduction Processes During Mine Effluent Treatment

Sampietro, Diego; Molinero, Jorge; Abarca, Elena
An innovative tool for mine hydrogeology. Upscaling from discrete fractures to equivalent continuous properties.

Sapsford, Devin; Brabham, Peter; Crane, Richard; Evans, Dylan; Stratford, Alexander; Wright, Amelia
Mine Waste Resource Assessment and Recovery Via Mine Water

Sartz, Lotta; Hamilton, Ian; Mácsik, Josef; Maurice, Christian; Sädbom, Stefan; Westin, Gunnar; Bäckström, Mattias
Green Liquor Dregs from Pulp and Paper Industry used in Mine Waste Management: a Symbiosis Project (GLAD) between two Swedish Base Industries

Satterley, Christopher James; Chamberlain, Sinead; Broughton, Philip
Integration of Heat Recovery and Renewables Within a Mine Water Treatment Scheme: A UK Case Study

Saxby, Tim
Mine Water – valued resource or missed opportunity?

Schöpke, Ralph; Volker, Preuß; Konrad, Thürmer; Lena, Zahn; Manja, Walko
Control of the remediation of anoxic AMD groundwater by sulphate reduction in a subsoil reactor

Seal, Robert R; Piatak, Nadine M
Environmental Attributes and Resource Potential of Mill Tailings from Diverse Mineral Deposit Types

Seipel, Katharine Schultz; Sheumaker, Damon Lee; Kirk, Lisa Bithell
Kinetic Tests of Non-Amended and Cemented Paste Tailings Weathering in Subaqueous and Subaerial Settings

Seppälä, Jaakko; Nikupeteri, Lea; Hiljanen, Risto
Online Water Flow, Level And Water Quality Monitoring Concept For Mines

Simon, Andre; Rascher, Jochen; Hoth, Nils; Drebenstedt, Carsten
Facial And Paleogeografic Understanding Of Tertiary Sediments As Basis To Predict Their Specific AMD Release

Skill, Steve; Zanain, Mabrouk
Passive Metal Minewater Remediation Employing Microalgae

Skinner, Sarah Jane Wolfe
Tracking Nitrate Sources at a Platinum Mine – Putting The Puzzle Together

Smith, Francis Peter; Carruth, David
Assessing Flood Hydrology In Data Scarce Tropical Regions: A Congo (ROC) Case Study

Sui, Wanghua; Yang, Binbin; Hu, Rongjie
Large Scale Grouting To Reconstruct Grounwater Barrier And Its Geoenvironmental Impact

Sulonen, Mira L. K.; Lakaniemi, Aino-Maija; Kokko, Marika E.; Puhakka, Jaakko A.
Reduced Inorganic Sulfur Compounds of Simulated Mining Waters Support Bioelectrochemical and Electrochemical Current Generation

Taskila, Sanna Katariina; Banasik, Michal; Gogoi, Harshita; Leiviskä, Tiina; Tanskanen, Juha
Isolation and Application of Siderophore Producing Bacteria from Finnish Wetland Samples for Treatment of Mining Water Effluents

Thapa, Rinez; Nissinen, Tuomo; Riikonen, Joakim; Lehto, Vesa Pekka
Recovery Of Uranium Using Bisphosphonate Modified Nanoporous Silicon

Tito, Duarte; Bostock, John; Stanley, Peter; Krystynik, Pavel
Electro-coagulation – An ‘Off-Grid’ Solution For Removal Of Metals

Toussaint, Richard; Aubertin, Michel; Pabst, Thomas; Kouam Kenmogne, Guy Romain
Influence Of Grain Size And Mineralogy On The Oxidation Rate Of Sulfide Tailings.

Trumm, Dave; Pope, James; West, Rae; Weber, Paul
Downstream Geochemistry And Proposed Treatment – Bellvue Mine AMD, New Zealand

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Valorization of Pre-oxidized Tailings as Cover Material for the Reclamation of an Old Acid-generating Mining Site

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Development Of A Tool For Efficient Three Dimensional Reactive Multicomponent Transport Modelling Independent From The Geohydraulic Model System

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Quantification Of Diffuse Iron Discharge Into Surface Waters Using Feasible Methods In The Lusatian Lignite Mining District

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A Model-based Study On The Discharge Of Iron-rich Groundwater Into The Lusatian Post-mining Lake Lohsa, Germany

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Spectral Profile Of The Iron Ochre River “Spree” (Germany)

Urlich, Cecil; Hughes, Andy
Tailings Dam Design, Construction & Operation Towards a Circular Economy

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HXRF Measurements as a Useful Tool in the Environmental and Mining Sector – Effect of Water Content on HXRF Results

van Hille, Robert Paul; Naidoo, Nikhil; Sheridan, Craig; Mühlbauer, Ritva
Integration of Cellulosic Feedstock into a Semi-Passive Mine Water Treatment Process

Villinski, John Eugene
Field Investigation of In Situ Lime Neutralization of Acidic Sediment

von Hünefeld-Mugova, Elke; Hoth, Nils; Simon, André
🎓 Weathering Zones as an Important Issue for the Future Pit Lake of the Abandoned Lignite Mine of Schöningen, Helmstedt Mining District, Germany

Wakasa, Sachi, A.; Ishiyama, Daizo; Takeda, Tomomi; Djordjievski, Stefan; Hirose, Kazuyo; Obradović, Ljubiša; Marincović, Vladan; Gardić, Vojka
Comparative Analysis of Waste Material Distribution between Remote Sensing Data and Geochemical Map

Wang, Qi; Wang, Tiantian; Wang, Xinyi
Exploration Of Cambrian Limestone Groundwater Runoff Zone Based On Downhole Communication Test

Wang, Tiantian; Wang, Xinyi; Wang, Qi
Research On Transformation Characteristics Of Humic Acid Based On Improved Three-dimensional Fluorescence Regional Integral

Weber, Anne; Kassahun, Andrea
How Geochemical Modelling Helps Understanding Processes in Mine Water Treatment Plants – Examples from Former Uranium Mining Sites in Germany

Wendler, Corinne; Hoth, Nils; Kassahun, Andrea; Paul, Michael
Monitoring of Microbial Reduction Processes in a Flooded Underground Mine

Westermann, Sebastian; Dogan, Tansel; Reker, Bastian; Melchers, Christian; Goerke-Mallet, Peter
Evaluation of mine water rebound processes in European Coal Mine Districts to enhance the understanding of hydraulic, hydro chemical and geo mechanical processes

Wijdeveld, Arjan
Circular sediment: The application of salty cohesive materials (tailings and sediments) within fresh water bodies, an evaluation on the long-term impact and potential suitability as a replacement for sand

Witthaus, Holger; Drobniewski, Michael
Monitoring of Mine Water

Witthaus, Holger; Drobniewski, Michael; Frankenhoff, Hagen; Balzer, Isabelle
Mine Water Management in German Coal Mines

Witthaus, Holger; Frankenhoff, Hagen; Balzer, Isabelle
Minewater concept in detail – A case study of closing a German coal mine at Ruhr district

Wolkersdorfer, Christian
Mine Water Hydrodynamics, Stratification and Geochemistry for Mine Closure – The Metsämonttu Zn-Cu-Pb-Au-Ag-Mine, Finland

Wolkersdorfer, Christian; Qonya, Busisiwe
Passive Mine Water Treatment with a full scale, containerized Vertical Flow Reactor at the abandoned Metsämonttu mine site, Finland

Yin, Shangxian; Liu, Demin; Lian, Huiqing
Water Resources Protection and Utilization in Northwest Mining Areas, China

Yungwirth, Grace; Corcoran, Flann; Preene, Martin; Austin, Edward; Birch, Joanna
Aquifer Reinjection Scheme for Excess Mine Water: Design Methodology and Outcomes

Zamzow, Kendra; Miller, Glenn
Closed loop for AMD treatment waste

Zamzow, Kendra; Chambers, Dave
Independent investigation of reclamation at exploration drill holes at the remote Pebble copper prospect, Alaska

Zhang, Shichuan; Guo, Weijia
🎓 Development and Application of Series Physical Simulation Test Equipment for Water Inrush in Coal Mine

Zhao, Chunhu; Hu, Weiyue; Jin, Dewu
Quantitative Evaluation Mining Impact on Unconsolidated Aquifers In Western China’s Inner Mongolia-Shaanxi mine Region

Zhao, Feiping; Sillanpää, Mika
🎓 A Comparative Study on the Rare Earth Elements Recovery of Cross-linked Cellulose Adsorbents and Capacitive Deionization with Cellulose Derived Graphene as Electrode Materials

Zielke-Olivier, Josepha Simone Doris Renate; Vermeulen, Danie
🎓 Geophysics As A Tool To Delineate Groundwater Flow Paths And Contaminants Along A Graben

Poster Presentations

Aalto, Juha-Matti; Kankkunen, Janne; Vepsäläinen, Jouko
Sulfate Removal from Water Streams Down to ppm Level by Using Recyclable Biopolymer

Åberg, Susanne Charlotta; Åberg, Annika Katarina; Korkka-Niemi, Kirsti; Salonen, Veli-Pekka
Hydrostratigraphy and 3D Modeling of Bank Storage Affected Aquifer in mine prospecting area in Sodankylä, Northern Finland

Abiye, Tamiru Alemayehu; Mkansi, Shichavo; Masindi, Khuliso; Leshomo, Joyce
Mineral leaching from gold tailing dams and precipitate analysis in wetland environment of the Witwatersrand basin, South Africa

Andrade, Laura Hamdan; Pires, Wadson Luciano; Almeida, Naiara Cristina; Amaral, Míriam Cristina Santos; de Carvalho, Fabio Pereira
Evaluation Of Pilot-Scale Ultrafiltration And Nanofiltration For Water From Gold Mining Tailings Dam Treatment And Reuse

Assawincharoenkij, Thitiphan; Hauzenberger, Christoph; Sutthirat, Chakkaphan
Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of Tailings and Waste Rocks from a Gold Mine in Northeastern Thailand

Bryan, Christopher G; Calus-Moszko, Joanna; van Haute, Quentin; Guezennec, Anne-Gwénaëlle; Gaydardzhiev, Stoyan; Wavrer, Philippe; Frączek, Robert
CEReS – Co-processing of Coal Mine & Electronic Wastes: Novel Resources for a Sustainable Future

Bukowski, Przemysław; Kura, Karol; Augustyniak, Iwona; Niedbalska, Katarzyna; Haładus, Andrzej
Hydrogeological conditions of modern mining operations and liquidation of mines in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (USCB, Poland)

Canchumani, Giancarlo; Lima, Francisco; Alvarado, Ligia
Life Cycle Assesment of the Production of Rare Earth Elements from a Brazilian Ore

Cepriá, Juan; Guedella, Edith
Paperchain Project: Establishing a New Circular Economy Model between the Mining Sector and the Pulp & Paper Industry to Prevent Acid Mine Drainage

d’Obyrn, Kajetan; Połeć, Marzena; Postawa, Adam
Use Of Water From The WVII-16 Leak In The Wieliczka Salt Mine (Poland)

Fang, Jie; Peng, Suping; Fu, Pingjie
Study on the Key Technologies of Curtain Based Process Planning in High Intensity Water Seepage

Fedorov, Gennady; Drebenstedt, Carsten; Agafonov, Yuri
Disenfection Of Waters Of Industrial Enterprises By Vibroacoustic Method

Ferreira Pinto, Rui Pedro
Passive Treatments As A Green Technique On Mine Water Discharge And Metals Potential Future Use

Figueroa, Linda Ann
Method To Estimate The Effect Of Oxygen And Nitrate On Sulfate Reducing Bioreactor Design

Ghezzi, Lisa; Perotti, Martina; Bramanti, Emilia; Campanella, Beatrice; Onor, Massimo; Casiot, Corinne
A Thallium-Contaminated Drinking Water Supply in an Abandoned Mining Area: an Environmental Health Hazard

Heiderscheidt, Elisangela; Postila, Heini; Ronkanen, Anna-Kaisa; Campos Lopez, Felipe; Gogoi, Harshita; Leiviskä, Tiina
Pilot Scale Evaluation of the Suitability of Peat as Sorbent Filter Material for Metal Removal from Mining Drainage Water

Hidalgo, M. Carmen; Martínez, Julián; Rey, Javier; Cortada, Unai
Occurrence And Distribution Of Metal(oid)s In Soils Near An Abandoned Lead Smelter

Hoffert, Danielle; Zenker, Tiago; Rocha de Oliveira, Hugo; Paiva, Paulo
Probabilistic Analysis of the Parameters of a Hypothetical Tailings Dam Failure

Jain, Rohan; Lakaniemi, Aino-Maija; Peräniemi, Sirpa; Kankkunen, Janne; Turunen, Jukka; Vepsäläinen, Jouko
Uranium Removal via Sorption Using Peat and Waste Digested Activated Sludge

Kret, Ewa; Czop, Mariusz; Pietrucin, Dorota
Requirements for numerical hydrogeological model implementation for predicting the environmental impact of the mine closure based on the example of the Zn/Pb mines in the Olkusz area

Kriel, Danielle Amy; Ntloko, Bongani
Establishment Of Native Vegetation On Kimberlite Tailings In The Afro-Alpine Zone of Lesotho.

Littlejohn, Patrick; Baker, Brent; Kratochvil, David
Sulphate Removal with Sulf-IX™: Experiences from 4 years of Commercial Demonstration

Lusunzi, Rudzani; Gumbo, Jabulani; Bisrat, Yibas; Novhe, Ntshengedzeni
Geochemical and Minerological Characterization of Gold mine tailings for the Potential of Acid Mine Drainage in the Sabie-Pilgrim’s Rest goldfields

Macias, Francisco; Ayora, Carlos; Nieto, José Miguel
Remediation of Highly Polluted AMD by passive technologies.

Marimuthu, Thirumurugan; Subramanian, Manoj; Lakshmanan, Elango
Modelling of Radionuclide Migration in Groundwater from a Proposed Uranium Tailings Pond

Masuda, Nobuyuki; Ishiyama, Daizo; Bessho, Masahiko; Markovic, Radmila; Stevanovic, Zoran
A new approach to recover dissolved metals in AMD by two-step pH control on the neutralization method

Motyka, Jacek; d’Obyrn, Kajetan; Kasprzak, Agata; Szymkiewicz, Andrzej
Genesis of the groundwater inflow into the „Czatkowice” limestone quarry (southern Poland).

Mudau, Khuliso Hope
Impact of seasonal variation on water quality: Mine water compliance monitoring

Muzerengi, Confidence
Enrichment and Geoaccumulation of Pb, Zn, As, Cd and Cr in soils near New Union Gold Mine, Limpopo Province of South Africa

Muzerengi, Confidence
Enrichment and Geoaccumulation of Pb, Zn, As, Cd and Cr in soils near New Union Gold Mine, Limpopo Province of South Africa

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Water Resources Degradation by Acid Mine Drainage: The Sancho Reservoir (Odiel River Basin, SW Spain)

Perotti, Martina; Ghezzi, Lisa; Casiot, Corinne; D’Orazio, Massimo; Giannecchini, Roberto; Petrini, Riccardo
The Geochemistry of Pore Waters in Riverbed Sediments in a Mining-Impacted Landscape: Sources of Potentially Toxic Elements

Pihlajakuja, Minna; Rantanen, Ville; Kettunen, Anu
Biofouling Data Combined with Reverse Osmosis Operational Data

Rey, Javier; Martínez, Julián; Hidalgo, M. Carmen; Cortada, Unai
Application Of The Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Technique For Characterizing The Internal Structure Of Tailings Impoundments

Ribeiro de Souza, Livia; Queiroz Ladeira, Ana Claudia
Mining area disturbed by acid mine drainage – Acid Volatile Sulphur and Sequential Extraction studies.

Ronkanen, Anna-Kaisa; Palmer, Katharina; Kaikkonen, Iida; Khan, Uzair; Heiderscheidt, Elisangela; Postila, Heini
Nitrogen Removal Efficiency and Wintertime Hydraulics in Mine Peatlands

Runtti, Hanna; Tuomikoski, Sari; Pesonen, Janne; Tolonen, Emma-Tuulia; Luukkonen, Tero; Grekula, Lauri; Näppä, Jussi; Tanskanen, Pekka; Lassi, Ulla
Utilization Of By-products From Mine Industry As Sorbents In Water Treatment

Rybnikov, Petr; Rybnikova, Liudmila
Waste Disposal In The Open Pits: The Hydrogeological Aspects And The Influence On the Environment (The South Urals, Russia)

Sadykbekov, Turarbek
Gold Mine Water Quality Studies in Kyrgyzstan; Case Kumtor

Sakala, Emmanuel; Fourie, Francois; Gomo, Modreck; Coetzee, Henk
Mapping of surface acid mine drainage pollutant sources using remote sensing: Case study of Witbank, Ermelo and Highveld Coalfields

Seppälä, Mikael

Sithole, Nastassia Thandiwe; Ntuli, Freeman
Reductive Precipitation of Fe (III), Al (III) And Mn (II) From Acid Mine Effluent

Sun, Wenbin; Zhang, Shichuan; Du, Houqian
Research on Formation Characteristics of Water-inrush Channel from Geological Defects Floor in Deep Mining

Tran, Mien
Technical And Economic Aspects Of Recent Achievements In Mine Water Management In The Mines Of Quang Ninh Coal Basin, Vietnam

Väänänen, Anne Kristiina; Abel, Sebastian; Leppänen, Matti T; Asikainen, Harri; Karjalainen, Anna K; Lyytikäinen, Merja; Akkanen, Jarkko
Ecological Risk Assessment of Boreal Freshwater Sediments Under the Influence of Metal Mining.

Worsa-Kozak, Magdalena; Czop, Mariusz; Chudy, Krzysztof; Pikuła, Maciej; Kret, Ewa; Pietrucin, Drota
Requirements For Implementation And Verification of Numerical Modeling For The Designing of Deep Mineral ore Deposits Excavation Headings

Xing, Zhen-guo; Peng, Suping; Xu, Dongjing; Du, Wenfeng; Feng, Feisheng
Design and Implementation of Real Time Monitoring and Early Warning System for Groundwater in Coal Mine Area

Zhou, Yan; Short, Michael D.; Li, Jun; Schumann, Russell C.; Smart, Roger St.C.; Gerson, Andrea R.; Qian, Gujie
A Potential Strategy For Sustainable Control Of Acid Generation From Pyrite Oxidation