2. Operational dewatering in mines – testing process and system optimisation

Michael Verreault, Martel Patrick

Minimum 8, maximum 50 delegates
Regular € 290/310 Students € 200/220

Mine dewatering is a challenge for several sites. Sometimes, inflow is important and reduces operational efficiencies. In other situations, mostly in open pit situations, pore pressure affects the stability of the pit walls and forces operation to proceed to major and expensive push backs. Delivering results, guaranteeing the safety of the work environment and making sure operations are cost-effective and efficient is a tremendous achievement.
This workshop will be presented by Patrick Martel, P. Eng. and Michael Verreault P.Eng., both experts in mining dewatering solutions, is for engineers or anyone working in mines, having problems or concerns with water management.

This seminar will:
• Define how to improve dewatering process and reduce cost;
• Help select the proper pumping setup and reduce power consumption;
• Identify most common sources of dewatering failure.

By participating in this seminar, the attendees will learn to optimise their dewatering process and understand their existing inefficient process. With these strategies, mining companies will easily manage their own dewatering methods and reduce their investments.

Identifying the right ground inflow by using profile tracer test, making proper dewatering equipment sizing and reducing the amount of suspended solid in mine water are key factors to improve reliability of dewatering systems. Some innovative solutions will be exposed.

Visual and practical presentation and easy to use dewatering software will help attendees better understand the hydraulic concepts. Various case studies from all over the world will be displayed, such as: deep mine (3000 meters), Canadian Permafrost underground dewatering challenges, Mexican La Platosa mine case study (190 000 m³/day), Major gold mine open pit in Canada, Underground Karst environment in USA Tennessee and Major Labrador iron ore mine ex-pit and in-pit dewatering strategy.