8. Application of Microbial Ecology in Mine Waste Management – Tools for Analysis of Microbial Ecology in Mining

Lisa Kirk

Minimum 10, maximum 30 delegates
Regular € 390/420 Students € 270/300

Growing use of biotechnology in mining remediation, water treatment, hydrometallurgy, and waste facility design requires an understanding of molecular biology, bioinformatics, and microscopy tools used in microbial ecology. This one day workshop will explore the concepts, methods, and tools used to understand and manage the microbial ecology of complex and challenging mine environments.

Topics to be covered include

  • the influence of microbial ecology on biogeochemical processes in mine waste, including sulfide oxidation, and sulfate, nitrate and metal reduction,
  • sampling challenges and requirements
  • cultivation dependent and independent molecular approaches,
  • methods of DNA extraction, amplification and sequencing
  • an overview of bioinformatics and microscopy tools needed for data analysis
    Mining case studies will be presented.

Small group discussions and laboratory exercises will provide hands-on experience in the application of these molecular tools to the analysis of microbial ecology in mined materials, at technical levels appropriate for participating mining industry professionals and scientists.