Technical visits

As part of IMWA Congress, Wednesday, June 28 is dedicated to technical visits. The options are:

1. Nordkalk open pit and Lappeenranta Fortress

Nordkalk is a 106 year old limestone mine, which is located downtown Lappeenranta. Learn about
limestone in water purification and Nordkalk water management, environmental policy and co-
existence with the city. Lunch at the mine site.
After the visit a guided tour in the Lappeenranta Fortress will follow. There will also  be time for shops and cafés. A bus to the hotel departs at 16.30 from the city harbor.

In the tour morning the  bus with green IMWA sign leaves from the hotel parking area at 8:30. A Congress assistant will show you the right bus and will  be present during the excursion.

Nordkalk brochure Lime for Everyday life

3. Abandoned mine sites

This trip focuses on natural attenuation of Nordic nature on abandoned mine sites (Hällinmäki, Hälvälä, Savonlinna). Bus transportation from and to the hotel.

In the  tour morning a bus with a green IMWA sign leaves from the hotel parking area at 8:00. A congress assistant will show you the right bus.

3. Geopark Saimaa (project for UNESCO Geoparks)

Lake Saimaa region is applying for UNESCO Geopark status this year. This tour focuses on the unique natural history of this region. The walking tour departs from the hotel in the morning and heads towards Imatra city following Sapausselkä ridge and Lake Saimaa shoreline. Depending on the group and its interests, our geologist guide will design the program details. Later in the morning a bus transportation from the forest to Imatra downtown for lunch and afternoon programme. Lunch at Imatra Sate Hotel (Valtionhotelli) is followed by a presentation of Saimaa Geopark and visit of Kruununpuisto, Finland’s oldest conservation area. A bus transportation to the hotel after the tour. We will be back at the hotel at 16. Tour map and Program and Geopark Saimaa brochure

In the tour morning the group meets in front of the hotel main door. Departure time 8:30.

4. Lake Saimaa Hydrology Boat Trip and Lappeenranta Fortress

Sail with us from the congress hotel to Lappeenranta City harbor and learn about Lake Saimaa, Finland’s biggest lake – and most beautiful! This is a joint trip with accompanying partners. Lunch on board. In the afternoon a guided two hour tour of Lappeenranta Fortress, and time for shops and cafes. Popular site to visit is the Sand castle. The Cruise boat departs from the hotel pier at 9:00 and arrives in Lappeenranta city harbor at 13:00. Short walk to the fortress. A bus to the hotel departs at 16.30 from the harbor. An option is you will stay for drinks and dinner in the lively harbor area.

In the tour morning walk to the hotel pier. Our boat M/S Camilla leaves at 9:00. Congress assistants will show you the way and be present during the excursion.